11th Class Notes

FA FSC 1st Year Notes of all subjects Biology, Chemistry, Urdu, physics, and Math. 11th Class Notes for Art subjects are also availble.

FSC 1st year Tarjuma tul Quran PDF Notes

Punjab Curriculum Textbook Board Lahore agreed to add a new subject in the 11th class. Translation of the Quran Syllabus…

4 months ago

11th Math Notes Chapter-11 Trigonometric Functions and their Graphs

Domains and Ranges of Sine and Cosine FunctionsDomains and Ranges of Tangent and Cotangent FunctionsDomain and Range of Secant FunctionDomain…

5 months ago

11th Math Notes Chapter-12 Application of Trigonometry

Exercise 12.1Exercise 12.2Exercise 12.3Exercise 12.4Exercise 12.5Exercise 12.6Exercise 12.7Exercise 12.8 11th Math Notes Chapter-12 Solution Oblique TrianglesThe Law of CosineThe Law…

5 months ago

11th Math Notes Chapter-13 Trigonometric Functions

11th Math Notes Chapter-13 Exercise wise Solution IntroductionThe Inverse Sine FunctionThe Inverse Cosine FunctionInverse Tangent FunctionInverse Cotangent, Scant, and Coscant…

5 months ago

11th Math Notes Chapter-10 Trigonometric Identities

1st Year Math Notes Chapter 10 Exercise 10.1 Exercise 10.2 Exercise 10.3 Exercise 10.4 11th Math Notes Exercise 10.1, 10.2,…

5 months ago