Surah Wise Quran 9th Model Paper-Notes

Tarjama tul Quran Objective MCQ will come from the textbook given at the end of every Surah. The total Marks are 50. In the annual exam 2023 a separate paper on the Tarjuma tul Quran will be taken. Syllabus 2023, Textbook, and 9th Tarjuma-tul-Quran PDF Notes are useful for exam 2023. All Punjab Boards Multan, … Read more

9th class Tarjuma tul Quran notes in PDF

Punjab Curriculum Textbook Board Lahore agreed to add a new subject in the ninth class. Translation of the Quran Syllabus by the ILM Foundation Karachi has been selected. The compulsory subject THQ is named Translation of Quran Majeed as it will be taught in class 9th and later in class 10th. Here you can download … Read more

Class 9th Math notes All exercise Solution

This 9th class math notes contains theory of each chapter, solutions of each exercise and review exercises is a complete package of problem solutions for difficult questions. These are the benefits of you downloading notes from our website. Good quality notes, full course notes on one page, fast loading data site, friendly interface Unit 1 … Read more

9th English Easy Notes for Weak Students

Government and private schools have a large number of weak students. Teachers give them short notes to prepare for the last two months. This makes it easy for them to pass the ninth annual examination. Our competent teachers have prepared guess papers as well as 9th English Easy Notes. These notes contain the following material. … Read more